My Yoga journey dates back from my 1st pregnancy 20 years ago.
I went from exercising to getting flexibility to hard core discipline Ashtanga Yoga and landed into the devotional Dharma world.
Every Yoga practice is a journey.
I can carry you on the waves of “Ahisma” and offering. The pillars of Dharma Yoga, from Sri Dharma’s teaching, carried from his exceptional
visionary teacher Yogi Gupta :
• Bury your mind in your heart and let the body move by itself
• Think every asana as a Prayer
• Take on the essence of the asana. Balance, strength, compassion, resilience
• Focus on your third eye. The seat of your soul. Your 6th sense
• Connect deeply towards your Pineal and Pituitary gland the seats of relaxation, intuition and balance
• Follow your intuition. If it feels good it is good.
Make sure you follow your intuition and offer the practice. Rooted on ahimsa: Meaning : do not hurt your self or others. Only attempt some of the moves if you feel fit and strong for it.

HealthByO Yoga Schedule

Yoga & Wellness Retreats

We always need to reset, to get deeper and inspired.
Sharing a week-end or week with like minded spirits while practicing Yoga through its diversity of physical movements, mindfulness meditations, breathing exercises. Eating healthy meals and incorporating life changing health coaching tools.
Do not miss the opportunity to improve your health and well-being each time you have a chance. Jump on the train/plane and join me on an inspiring Health and wellness retreat.
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Group Sessions

Are a great way to meet other yogis, learn and share while practicing Yoga.
Join Yoga groups to boost your discipline, motivate and inspire your self practice. As self practice is also needed!
Every session incorporates mindfulness meditations, breathing exercises and physical asanas.

Private Sessions

Individual sessions are personalised to fit your specific physical and emotional needs of the moment. You will receive all the attention to help you overcome your present obstacles.
Sometimes we need an extra push, some specific alignments, therapeutical exercises.
If you have particular injuries, worries, individual questions then private sessions are for you. Contact me to book one or more classes.


International Europe – Tanzania – UK

Travelling and international exposures are an important part of  every life. A yogic life is no exception. I run international retreats when a studio or group invites me. I also organise retreats jointly with other Yogis and coaches.
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