August 7, 2019 admin

Hydrotherapy: Happy boost! Cold water immersion benefits. Boost your mood. Immune system and metabolism.

We all want to boost your immune system and increase your metabolism, right?

One easy enough way is to get into cold water. Cold shower is one way, an other favourite of mine is to swim in cold water, pool or sea. Your body and blood system will need to get used to the cold so build it up gradually in order to avoid hypothermia (low body temperature). Have a hot tea ready for after the swim.

On top of boosting immunity and metabolism, cold water brings an euphoric rewarding after effect. Not unlike a post perfect meditation / workout. It stimulates the blood flow and oxygenates our cells putting them all into action. Increases our heart rate and alertness. Our endocrine system releases endorphins and serotonin hormones.

A pool at 19-20c is ideal for me. For a 20 to 40 min swim.

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