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Eating Healthy is paramount for a healthy lifestyle. I am sharing my favourite tested and tasted recipes.

Fresh. Simple. Sweet and savoury. Drinks and solids. All home made, vegan, gluten free. Filled with happy vibrations.

Savoury Bites

All these savoury are my favourite. Simply healthy, vegan, gluten free, and more importantly guilt free. Always eat with relaxation and ultimate nutrition in mind. I like to follow the Ayurvedic ways mixing all the 6 tastes in a meal: sweet-sour-salty-bitter-pungent-astringent for ultimate satisfaction!


Smoothies are a meal on their own. They are my “on the go” nutritious power for the whole day. They can be sweet or savoury (think gaspacho). I always mix textures by adding crunchy bits or sprouts, increase their nutritious power with maca, spirulina, pea protein flours. Delicious with added cooked broccoli, cauliflower, beetroots. More creamy with avocado or bananas. Enjoy!

Sweet tooth

Who has a sweet tooth?!!
Some times, all the time, when feeling lonely? Better have some of these satisfying healthy vegan treats
prepared for emergency. My emergency is everyday! I have a large range of options from crunchy to soft,
drinkable and crunchable! All vegan and easy to make at home.

"Your world
is on your plate"
Geneen ROTH

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