Meet Oriane


Oriane is a passionate certified Holistic Health Coach and 20 years yoga teacher.

Why the swirly snail like logo in HealthByO? The spiral of the snail’s shell symbolises the moon and its cycles. Symbolic of time, transition, progress of life, death and rebirth.

Your life is precious. It is never too late. You will never be as young as you are now. Act now!

Our bodies, mind and lifestyle can adapt very fast. We can reverse the negative effect of an unhealthy lifestyle, negative thinking, burn out, stress.

Early life

I was born and raised in a small beautiful town in France.
At a young age I was aware that I was not connecting with my environment, in this town, with the community. I felt different and criticised.
I decided to act on it and started travelling, to discover other cultures, meet different people, learn languages and maybe also escape and find myself!
I lived in Europe, USA, Asia and landed in Africa.
These days I divide my life between Kenya, England and France where I share Yoga and health coaching through classes, workshops and retreats. I would like to help you find your path and your true self love.


When I started practising Yoga 20 years ago that was it! Slowly but steadily it supported me, offered me the self love I had been looking for, gave me true confidence, strength and authenticity.
The yoga of course did not only stop at the physical aspect. It quickly became the most important part of my day. If my morning practice was good all was good. It was that easy! So I kept going. I stopped over drinking, smoking, partying. My food intake, food choices, relationships started to shift. I became very disciplined (a little too much in my early days!) and found the balance I had been looking for. Letting go of what I thought had to define me from my upbringing, I slowly found my core values. What felt true for me.
These days my friends are true friends, I do have good relationships with my family, I chose what I eat and when. What I drink and when. My life feels synchronised, happy and near perfect!
Moving my body, through yoga, swimming, running, sailing, being outdoor, having fun, makes me feel happy and makes me take the right decisions from a place of calm connection.
“ If only I had known earlier that daily physical activities was the answer for me!”.
I tried diverse diets, vegetarian, rawtarian, vegan. Mainly out of a deep respect for nature, the animals and my spiritual teachers. I really want to help people feel and think better whatever their path are. Animals to be treated in a kinder manner and earth to be looked after.


After teaching, studying and sharing Yoga/Meditation and mindfulness for about 20 years, I was drawn to more by my students who regularly asked me questions about food, stress, life style relationships, happy healthy living in general. I realised that I wanted to help them across all aspects of their life in an efficient, bio-individual way, not only the yogic way. I could achieve that through Health Coaching.
So I studied with the IIN – Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. It is the very best thing I have done in my life with Yoga as I now know who I am, where I want to go as well as being able to help others achieve the same well-being. I keep on educating myself through out, reading and developing my understanding, following the last up to date researches and embarking on functional medicine to dig deeper into the realm of the what and why! Feelings and intuitions are as valuable as the knowledge itself but the roots have to be there. So I keep on digging deeper!


You are who you are. I will help you find SELF RESPECT, SECURITY, SELF LOVE, HAPPINESS. You are your most precious friend. I truly believe that everyone can find their own balance and peace through their on way of life, way of eating according to their beliefs and core values.
Most people need a coach on the side, someone to talk to about everything like they would to their best friend. As your coach I will listen generously, attentively, lovingly and objectively without judgement. We are all different and have very diverse nutritional, emotional, physical needs. What is sure is that we all need to:

Feed our body nourishing foods

Find a carrier that fulfils our purpose

Move our bodies in healthy ways

Engage with people who love and support us


Follow out intuition. Let our heart make up our mind.


I would love you to embark on this wellbeing journey with me! We all need a helping hand and a loving friend. I will be this supportive friend. Read on clients testimonials and be convinced!
1 <b>o</b>n 1

1 on 1

During your individual Health and Wellness coaching programme we look at all the areas of your life, where there is balance and imbalance. We focus on your bio-individual needs in your general health, diet, relationships, exercise routine, career, finances, spirituality…

Gr<b>o</b>up coaching

Group coaching

This a great opportunity to work with others at a very affordable rate. Group coaching offers many benefits:- A reduced price vis-a-vis the individual coaching – Learning from each other- Fun and interactive. – Increased accountability as all are working together and sharing…

C<b>o</b>rporate workshops

Corporate workshops

Invest in your staff well-being for improved performance. When you are in optimal health you perform better.There are so many benefits of having an employees wellness programme: reduced absenteeism, improved the decision making and productivity, reduced absenteeism…

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