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“Disease goes away as a side effect of creating health”. Functional medicine provides a personalised road map for the journey back to health.
 I will accompany you on that transformative journey with your totally Bio-Individual programme, facilitated through powerful listening and interactions.
Each consultation is followed by a full feed back together with tools/hand outs/inspirations and a follow up between consultations.
A cross between functional medicine (prevention of diseases and imbalances) and positive psychology. Be ready to be surprised! What comes out of the first consultation is incredible. The magic works better and better session after session as we unravel the layers of your life.
When you embark on your health coaching journey we will look at all the areas in your life and identify the ones that are not in balance, where you are not satisfied.
The programme is goal orientated and you will set targeted objectives for your wellness programme.
We start with 6 sessions, meeting sometimes in person or via video calls over +/- 3 months that culminate with a half way revisit form before embarking on an other 6 sessions / 3 months. A total of 12 sessions is advised and required for full benefit to happen and life style changes to remain.
There after we discuss and decide on how to keep in touch for a continuous support or a set of new goals.
It is a very affordable investment and one that will take your health, wellbeing and understanding of your self and others to a completely different level. With long lasting life changing effects.
1 <b>o</b>n 1

1 on 1

During your individual Health and Wellness coaching programme we look at all the areas of your life, where there is balance and imbalance. We focus on your bio-individual needs in your general health, diet, relationships, exercise routine, career, finances, spirituality…

Gr<b>o</b>up coaching

Group coaching

This a great opportunity to work with others at a very affordable rate. Group coaching offers many benefits:- A reduced price vis-a-vis the individual coaching – Learning from each other- Fun and interactive. – Increased accountability as all are working together and sharing…

C<b>o</b>rporate workshops

Corporate workshops

Invest in your staff well-being for improved performance. When you are in optimal health you perform better.There are so many benefits of having an employees wellness programme: reduced absenteeism, improved the decision making and productivity, reduced absenteeism…

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