Group coaching


are a great opportunity to work with others at a very affordable rate.
Group coaching offers many benefits:
  • A reduced price vis-a-vis the individual coaching
  • Learning from each other
  • Fun and interactive.
  • Increased accountability as all are working together and sharing struggles and successes with all others
  • Online flexibility.
  • Weekly session compared to every other week for individual coaching
  • More feed back
  • Groups have a maximum of 5-6 people.
Each session is 1.5 hour
Short opening discussion for presentation and to check everyone’s connection.
We meet weekly for 1.5 hours.
Every session starts with a “What’s good and new + a centring meditation”
Each session covers a different subject in line with the goals of the group.
What you can expect from the group coaching:
  • Set goals and real purposes for your life
  • Learn how to eat a healthy diet
  • Create an exercise routine
  • Implement tools towards a better sleep
  • Learn how to manage stress
  • Increased energy and happiness
  • Balanced hormones and healthy bowl movements
  • A support from your coach and co-participants
The tools:
  • Goal setting tools
  • Recipes, creative cooking, snacks, menus, how to organise your kitchen.
  • Organisational hand outs for work and life in general
  • Individual exercise plan
  • Tools and facts on how and why it is so important to sleep better
  • Meditations and centring techniques and practices

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