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Come in, open up & embark on a Happy & Healthy life with me!

Meet Oriane

Oriane is a passionate certified Holistic Health Coach and 20 years yoga teacher.
I was born and raised in a small beautiful town in France. I lived in Europe, USA, Asia and landed in Africa.

What I do

1 <b>o</b>n 1

1 on 1

During your individual Health and Wellness coaching programme we look at all the areas of your life, where there is balance and imbalance. We focus on your bio-individual needs in your general health, diet, relationships, exercise routine, career, finances, spirituality…

Gr<b>o</b>up coaching

Group coaching

This a great opportunity to work with others at a very affordable rate. Group coaching offers many benefits:- A reduced price vis-a-vis the individual coaching – Learning from each other- Fun and interactive. – Increased accountability as all are working together and sharing…

C<b>o</b>rporate workshops

Corporate workshops

Invest in your staff well-being for improved performance. When you are in optimal health you perform better.There are so many benefits of having an employees wellness programme: reduced absenteeism, improved the decision making and productivity, reduced absenteeism…

Don't miss the next Retreat!

Next retreat to be announced. It will be for January! Health & wellness coaching, Yoga & wild life adventures!
Get in touch +254 735 096 348 for more info and check the retreat page.


A Great Mentor & Inspiration

I have been working with Oriane for two years now. As a yoga teacher she has not only mentored me to improve my Yoga practice and instill confidence in my abilities to a much higher level, but she has also been an inspiration  for me to live a more disciplined, wholesome, healthier lifestyle. Through Oriane’s coaching I have learned how to adjust to and maintain a plant based diet for the last 18 months. She has also provided me with simple but practical tools that help me on a daily basis to maintain a calmer and clearer state of mind.
Thank you Oriane, for this life changing knowledge!
Nude Essentials
P.O. Box 1497  | 00621 NBO
Nude Essentials

Good Listener

By a process of listening and observation Oriane is able to offer great advice based on expert knowledge. Twelve focussed and informative lessons over a six month period enabled me to make an overall and lasting improvement to my sense of wellbeing.
Oriane is inspiring and practices in life what she teaches.

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