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Meet Oriane

Oriane is a passionate certified Holistic Health Counsellor and 20 years yoga teacher.
I was born and raised in a small beautiful town in France. I lived in Europe, USA, Asia and landed in Africa. I offer personalised, preventative, participatory functional medicine programmes to help you change your environment and behaviour effortlessly and progressively for ultimate genome activation.

What I do

1 <b>o</b>n 1

1 on 1

During your individual Health and Wellness coaching programme we look at all the areas of your life, where there is balance and imbalance. We focus on your bio-individual needs in your general health, diet, relationships, exercise routine, career, finances, spirituality…

Gr<b>o</b>up coaching

Group coaching

This a great opportunity to work with others at a very affordable rate. Group coaching offers many benefits:- A reduced price vis-a-vis the individual coaching – Learning from each other- Fun and interactive. – Increased accountability as all are working together and sharing…

C<b>o</b>rporate workshops

Corporate workshops

Invest in your staff well-being for improved performance. When you are in optimal health you perform better.There are so many benefits of having an employees wellness programme: reduced absenteeism, improved the decision making and productivity, reduced absenteeism…

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I did not expect to learn and grow so much….

The experience of my coaching with Oriane was transformational. My goal had been to sort out some health issues, but I did not expect to learn and grow so much….or to enjoy the process as much as I did! Thanks to the exploration of a progression of new options with Oriane, I grew healthy eating and sleeping habits that have seamlessly become a part of my life. I find myself more balanced and happy now. I have been recommending Oriane’s functional coaching to friends and family.

Her aura has no limits

She is passionate and transmits her knowledge with a transcendent energy despite the distance that separates us and the screen Her aura has no limits.
I did a fascinating personal coaching with Oriane regarding my gastric problems, stomach fragility and inflammatory joint pains. This personal coaching was extremely beneficial and I learned a lot. The coaching exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend Oriane who is exceptional for me!
from Mauritius

Thank-you so much Oriane for changing my life and my health so completely

“I would recommend Oriane to you all!!  I had thyroid issues , sleepless nights, anxiety, asthma and heat rash when I started with Oriane .
Through her various methods , commitment and kindness,  I started sleeping through the night , didn’t wake up with  that anxious feeling  and after a few months of working on my diet and other things, the asthma and heat rash disappeared completely after being with me for many years.

On recent results regarding my thyroid profile, the doctor was shocked to mention that I was taking too much thyroxine and asked what had changed ! It was a fabulous outcome. Thank-you so much Oriane for changing my life and my health so completely”.

A Great Mentor & Inspiration

I have been working with Oriane for two years now. As a yoga teacher she has not only mentored me to improve my Yoga practice and instill confidence in my abilities to a much higher level, but she has also been an inspiration  for me to live a more disciplined, wholesome, healthier lifestyle. Through Oriane’s coaching I have learned how to adjust to and maintain a plant based diet for the last 18 months. She has also provided me with simple but practical tools that help me on a daily basis to maintain a calmer and clearer state of mind.
Thank you Oriane, for this life changing knowledge!
Nude Essentials
P.O. Box 1497  | 00621 NBO
Nude Essentials

Good Listener

By a process of listening and observation Oriane is able to offer great advice based on expert knowledge. Twelve focussed and informative lessons over a six month period enabled me to make an overall and lasting improvement to my sense of wellbeing.
Oriane is inspiring and practices in life what she teaches.

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